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Air conditioning units can malfunction for many reasons. Old units may have too much wear and tear to continue to cool your home effectively. If your heat pump or furnace stops working and won’t keep your home warm in the winter, your cooling system could also be affected. You may also have a problem with the capacitor, or your unit may be low on freon.

Whatever the issue is, you can expect the expert technicians at Austin Handyman 512 capable of solving this issue for you.

Speak with you

The technician will ask you a series of questions to see what the system is doing. This information helps us accurately diagnose the problem.

Examine the unit

We will then thoroughly examine the system to determine which components are causing the problem.

Replace bad parts

We are experienced working with all types of HVAC brands, so we will choose the component that best meets your needs to replace the malfunctioning part.

Clean up

Not only will we clean up our tools and supplies, but we will also remove any debris or dirt from your system to increase its longevity.

Test the system

Before we leave, we’ll turn on the air conditioning system to ensure it cools properly. We’ll also walk through your home to make sure cool air is distributed evenly. If we suspect that the system still is not functioning properly, we’ll reevaluate the problem.


Schedule your appointment today

And get $0 Service fee

Scheduling your appointment for your HVAC Repairs through our website will get you a $0 service fee, meaning we will diagnose your system and provide you with a quote/diagnostic report at no cost.  

Why choose us 


Austin Handyman 512 is a customer-oriented company dedicated to providing fast, reliable HVAC Service. Our technicians and contractors undergo continuous training to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to resolve any type of central air conditioning problem. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we offer emergency service to accommodate your after hour needs. Our location is in the heart of Austin, Texas, near the Mopac & 183. This convenient spot in the center of town, allow us to quickly help all of Austin and surrounding areas,  both residences, and businesses in a circular radius of 50 miles around Austin.

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